I. freeze freeze 1 [friːz] verb froze PASTTENSE [frəʊz ǁ froʊz] frozen PASTPART [ˈfrəʊzn ǁ ˈfroʊ-]
1. [transitive] COMMERCE if a government or company freezes prices, wages etc, they keep them at a particular level:

• The company cut executive salaries by 10%, all remaining salaries were frozen.

• The president froze fuel prices and set a ceiling on prices for basic foodstuffs.

2. LAW BANKING to legally prevent money in a bank from being taken out, property from being sold etc, for example because there is a disagreement concerning it:

• A federal judge froze more than $20 million in FundAmerica bank accounts last Friday after several California investors sued Mr Edwards.

3. [transitive] COMMERCE to stop an activity or a proposed activity for a period of time:

• The airline froze hiring and instructed employees to reduce spending.

• Mr Smith has frozen plans to develop the record company.

4. [intransitive] COMPUTING if a computer or a computer screen freezes, the image on the screen will not change because of a problem with the computer :

• My computer froze and I had to reboot it.

— see also frozen
  [m0] II. freeze freeze 2 noun
1. [countable] ECONOMICS when prices, wages etc are fixed at a particular level:

• They said the cable television industry was abusing its market position, and called for a mandatory price freeze in cable rates.

• The prime minister called for a pay freeze to help keep inflation down.

ˈcredit ˌfreeze [singular] ECONOMICS FINANCE BANKING
when banks are forced by the government to stop lending completely
2. [countable] when an activity is stopped for a period of time:
credit freeze on

• If the government imposes a freeze on the roads programme, up to 20,000 jobs could be lost.

• In an effort to reduce overheads, they laid off a quarter of the staff and initiated a hiring freeze (= when a company does not take new employees ) .

* * *

freeze UK US /friːz/ verb (froze, frozen)
[T] ECONOMICS, FINANCE to fix prices, income levels, interest rates, etc. at a particular level and not allow any increases: freeze wages/rates/taxes »

Mortgage lenders have agreed to freeze adjustable interest rates for some of the state's highest-risk borrowers.

[T] LAW, BANKING if a government or court freezes someone's bank account, money, assets etc. it legally prevents them from using any of it: »

Some of the prisoners' assets were frozen by order of the government.


Officials said they will freeze 120 local bank accounts and place racketeering liens on numerous homes and businesses.

[I] IT if a computer freezes or a computer screen is frozen, it suddenly stops working and the screen will not change even when you use the keyboard or mouse: »

If your computer freezes, you may have to shut it down manually by holding the power button for several seconds.

[T] to officially stop an activity or process for a period of time: freeze production/sales/recruitment »

The world's biggest automaker announced that it will temporarily freeze production due to low demand.

freeze UK US /friːz/ noun [C]
ECONOMICS a decision to fix prices, income levels, interest rates, etc. at a particular level and not allow any increases: a pay/price/interest rate/tax freeze »

To deal with the pension crisis, a two-year salary freeze has been imposed on the city's 11,000 employees.

an official decision to stop an activity from continuing for a period of time: »

They promised to halve the deficit through a domestic spending freeze and improving government efficiency.


The temporary nuclear freeze has not impressed Washington hardliners.

a hiring/recruitment freeze »

Hiring freezes and layoffs are likely to continue into the new year.

a freeze on sth »

The organization was set up to campaign for a freeze on the growing of GM crops and animals.

LAW an official order, for example, from a judge or government, that prevents money or property from being used or moved: impose/put/place a freeze on sth »

A High Court judge placed a freeze on her worldwide assets.

See also CREDIT FREEZE(Cf. ↑credit freeze)

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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